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Support to Student Groups

Support to Student Groups

CEDARS offers support to individual student societies and groups in various ways from time to time. Under the umbrella of Support to Student Groups (the “Service”), for a maximum of three years, supported student groups which have not registered with the University via Co-curricular Support Office (CCSO), are able to enjoy services including: booking of rooms and facilities; advertising through posting various CEDARS publicity channels; advice on financial management/ strategies (not involving any financial transaction); and advice on event management.

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The below refers to support to student groups / projects which have not registered with the University. For registered student societies, please refer to Support For Student Activities.


To nurture our students to become young pioneers and leaders of the society and encourage them to organize high quality projects and learning activities, CEDARS offers support to individual student groups, which have not registered with the University, but their activities meet the educational aims of the University, and are able to show sustainability after the support offered by CEDARS for maximum three years.


Student groups / projects which meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Not being registered with the University via CCSO;
  • In the inception stage (i.e., within the first three years of establishment);
  • Engage in activities that meet the educational aims of the University; and 
  • Manifest sustainability after the period of support offered by CEDARS

Services Offered

Supported student groups / projects may receive the following support:

Booking of Rooms and Facilities: 

  • Booking of rooms, facilities and open space for special functions that are open to students.

Publicity Channels:

  • Booking of publicity space, such as banner space that are managed by other units;
  • Advertise the activities through e-Newsletter of CEDARS (CEDARS will NOT send mass mail for student groups / project teams); 
  • Provide space on CEDARS notice boards (three locations at the east, central and centennial campus)

Advice on Financial Matters

  • CEDARS offers advice on financial management and fund-raising strategy but will NOT involve in any financial transactions or accounting work of student groups / project teams.

Advice on Event Management

Application Procedure

Student groups / project teams should submit an on-line application along with a detailed proposal to CEDARS for consideration. The following information should be included in the proposal:

  • Background, mission, vision and objectives of the project or student group;
  • A list of core members;
  • A list of activities or projects organized in the previous year (if any);
  • Evaluations of the activities or projects, to what extent can reach the outcomes and achievements;
  • Project activities and time line;
  • Requested support from CEDARS in accordance with the scope of service offered by CEDARS;
  • Expected outcomes, achievements and contributions of the project;
  • Expected number of participants;
  • Budget;
  • Method of project evaluation and evaluation by activity participants; and
  • Sustainability plan after CEDARS’ support
Student groups / project teams will be invited to a selection interview after the online submission.  Applications will be assessed against the criteria of support services and merits of the project proposals. Subject to the availability of resources, support will be prioritized to those projects which fully meet the criteria and eligibilities.

Application result will be announced approximately 3 weeks after the application deadline.  Successful student groups /project teams will be invited to sign an undertaking with CEDARS.

Application opens all year round. Support service will be offered to successful student groups / projects until 31 August or 15 January.

Progress and Evaluation Report

Student groups /project teams are required to provide a detailed report and evaluation within 1 month upon completion of the projects. The evaluation report should demonstrate the realization of objectives and achievements, describe the obstacles encountered and areas for improvement, include feedback and evaluation by activity participants and beneficiaries and development plan. CEDARS will invite student groups / project teams for meetings to review the implementation progress and the development plan, if necessary.