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University YMCA® (HKU) Programmes

University YMCA® (HKU) Programmes

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As a strategic partner of CEDARS and a student organisation affiliated to Chinese YMCA of Hong KongUniversity YMCA® (HKU) is dedicated to nurturing students into future leaders with strong adaptability, creative insights, and passion to serve the community through a wide array of distinguished local and overseas community engagement programmes. With the slogan “U-Adventures Begin Here”, we strive to make your university life fruitful and rewarding. Leveraging on our strong joint university and YMCA network in 120 countries and regions, we are also committed to enriching your u-adventures through joint-u activities, service trips, overseas internships, and a lot more. Do not hesitate to step out your first step if you wish to have a fulfilling year ahead! Register to become a Uni-Y® (HKU) member to enjoy our programmes and services throughout and beyond your U-life.

Our programmes mainly focus on the following three areas:


1. Global Citizenship: To broaden students' horizons and nurture them into responsible global citizens through study and service trips

Global Citizenship programmes


2. Community Engagement: To raise students' awareness and understanding of social issues and promote their concern for the disadvantaged through voluntary services and activities

Community Engagement programmes


3. Christian Action: To facilitate members to become humble servant leaders through diversified experiences

Christian Action programmes


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Phone: 3917-8091 (Ms Natalie Chan)  /   Email: uniy@hku.hk

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