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Latest Programme and Membership Application

Latest Programme and Membership Application

【Activity Highlights】

Orientation Activities

1. New Members Exclusive -- Muay Thai X Wellness Experiential Workshop 健康「泰」度︰泰拳體驗活動【24/9】*Application CLOSED*

2. Joint-U O'Camp「活在當『夏』YOUth & ME」聯校迎新營【1-2/10】*Application CLOSED*

Exclusive for Uni-Y® (HKU) Members

1. ExCo Recruitment Tea Gathering 招莊茶聚【6/10】
Tea Gathering - APPLICATION
  *Apply by 4 Oct!*
Direct application to join the Student Executive Committee - APPLICATION  *Apply by 14 Oct!*

2. Elderly Service: "A Trip Down Memory Lane"「耆」妙回憶之旅 - 獨居長者生命回憶錄計劃【5, 9, 16, 30/10】APPLICATION  *Apply by 2 October!*

3. Stray Pets' Service: A Dog with Strays「相」與毛孩過一天【19/11】*Coming Soon!*

4. Global Citizenship Project on Ethnic Minorities  世界公民少數族裔計劃【Nov 2022 - Jan 2023】 *Coming Soon!*

5. Project PLAY 「童」遊「家」FUN - 兒童玩樂權利推廣計劃 (TBC*) *Subject to Approval of the Funding *Coming Soon!*

Joint-university Programmes (CLICK HERE for more details!)

1. Joint-U Service for the Homeless 「同『露』人」聯校露宿者服務計劃【Oct 2022】APPLICATION  *Apply by 14 October!*

2. Joint-U Mass Programme Inclusion in Action: Joint-U Community Hunt X Inclusive Carnival「勁『融』易  ·  Chill溫韾」聯校社區定向挑戰 X 共融嘉年華【5 Nov 2022】APPLICATION  *Apply by 16 October!*

3. Joint-U Community Engagement Programme: Understairs Shops Exploration 「樓」下來的舖:樓梯舖社區探索計劃【Oct - Nov 2022】APPLICATION  *Apply by 2 October!*

4. Newbies Exclusive Series 新會友專享系列 APPLICATION  *Application Starts at 9am, 5 September!*
- Home Repair Service for Low-income Household 低收入家庭裝修服務 
- "Voices that can be seen" Service Day 「看得見的說話」聾人服務 
- Letterpress Printing Workshop 「活字看城」活字印刷工作坊 
- Blue House Experience & Traditional Peanut Candies Workshop 「做糖冇藍度」藍屋導賞團及有機花生糖工作坊 
- Metaverse Sports Space Experience Mapperthon 元宇宙VR互動體驗遊
- "Old Towns in the Greenery" Hiking Activity (Non-locals are welcome!) 「山系講古老」郊外遠足探索活動 (活動以英語進行) 
- SUP & Kayak Fun Day 「水上Comfort衝」直立板及獨木舟體驗 CLOSED

5. Joint-U Elderly Service Programme: Fashion Never Gets Old 時尚「齡」距離:聯校金齡人士服務計劃【Oct 2022 - Jan 2023】*Application CLOSED*

6. Joint-U Christian Action Programme「留一天與『 袮』 喘息」聯校福音營【23-24/12】*Coming Soon!*


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