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Crisis and Emergency Outside Hong Kong

Crisis and Emergency Outside Hong Kong
(including students on exchange, overseas internships, career learning trips, service learning, competitions, academic activities, etc.)

1.     Insurance Coverage and Arrangement

i.       Students should note that the University would only provide standard travel insurance coverage for overseas trips or study abroad programmes approved/ arranged by the University.  Before leaving Hong Kong, students are strongly advised to arrange their own travel insurance to better suit their needs, especially if they are planning to travel beyond the official programme period for personal leisure purpose.  If additional or special insurance cover is required, it is entirely up to the students concerned to make personal arrangement at their own expenses.  The travel insurance cover arranged by the University could not be extended to cover personal needs or leisure travelling arrangements.

ii.      All travel insurance policies (including the one arranged by the University) have a standard cover period of continuous 180 days (maximum) for any overseas travel.  If the travel period of study abroad programmes exceeds 180 days, an insurance policy which could provide a full year coverage should be purchased by the students at their own costs.  Information on the said study abroad insurance scheme could be obtained via email to the Finance and Enterprises Office at feo_insurance@hku.hk.

iii.     General information on insurance arrangements can be found in the undergraduate and postgraduate handbooks.  Students can also login to HKU Portal account to find out details of HKU’s Travel Insurance coverage via this path: SIS Menu → Financial Services → FEO Info and Hotlines → Finance and Enterprises Office → Insurance Information for Students.   

iv.     It is important to note that trips with manual/construction site work outside Hong Kong carried out by HKU students do not fall into the coverage of HKU’s Travel Insurance policy. Students should check with the Finance and Enterprises Office through email at feo_insurance@hku.hk as early as possible before departure. They are strongly advised to purchase their own insurance to fully cover themselves.

v.      Certificate of Travel Insurance could be issued by HKU’s insurer upon request by students. Please send the request to the Finance and Enterprises Office through email at feo_insurance@hku.hk as soon as possible as it requires at least 5 working days to process.

2.      Emergency Assistance When Travel Out of Hong Kong

i.       HKU has engaged the International SOS (Intl.SOS) to provide general assistance, local information such as nearby clinic/ pharmacy, police station, translation services, etc., or travel advice to all HKU students. The Intl.SOS 24/7 Assistance Center hotline is +852 2528 9900. Students are required to retrieve HKU membership number for using the hotline at https://www.cedars.hku.hk/ISOSoverview (HKU Portal Login is required). Students who contact International SOS for advice and assistance are strongly encouraged to give consent to International SOS to releases their information to HKU, so that the University would be able to provide necessary, timely and comprehensive support to the students concerned.

Intl.SOS is NOT an insurance company to provide compensations or financial support under the insurance terms.

ii.      Subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of HKU’s Group Travel Insurance Policy, for request of urgent / emergency assistance such as deposit guarantee for hospital admission, immediate medical care and/or hospitalization for bodily injury or sickness, or emergency rescue (medical related), etc., student should contact Zurich (the insurer)’s 24-hour Emergency Assistance Service Hotline at +852 2886 3977 and quote HKU policy number for assistance. Students can retrieve HKU Travel Insurance policy number via HKU portal (please refer to Point 1.iii above).


3.     Important HKU Contact Information
Once any incident happens while abroad, students should inform their family members and report to the relevant HKU faculty or office as soon as possible.

For programmes organised or coordinated by CEDARS:

For programmes organised or coordinated by faculty or other HKU office:

4.      Reminders Before Departure

i.       Students are advised to save a copy of the HKID card and passport in their email accounts, print and bring a set of hard copies with them, and leave a set of copies with their family member(s) or friend(s) in Hong Kong for back up purpose.

ii.      Students should bring a copy of (1) Travel Insurance Arrangement for Students, and (2) Travel Insurance Details (please refer to Point 1.iii above) with them for reference and use when needed.

iii.     Students are advised to inform their family member(s) of their travel period, travel destination, brief itinerary, contact information of HKU organiser and overseas organiser or community partner, if any.


5.      Other Useful Tips

a.      Health Precautions

i.       Students are advised to consult the Travel Health Clinic of University Health Service at least 6 weeks before departure to obtain health advice and receive the necessary vaccinations. Please bear in mind that some vaccines need weeks to take effect, and some are given in series. For more information and booking arrangements, please visit: http://www.uhs.hku.hk/he/travel_health/main.html.

ii.      If students need any Traveller's Medical Pack and/or Travelling First Aid Kit, please arrange with University Health Service (http://www.uhs.hku.hk/he/cforms.php).

b.     Travel Tips and Assistance by Hong Kong SAR Government

i.      Outbound Travel Alert (OTA)

Students can better understand the risk or threat to personal safety before travelling to a list of countries/territories via the Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) of Security Bureau of HKSAR Government at: http://www.sb.gov.hk/eng/ota/index.htm.

ii.     Registration of Outbound Travel Information (ROTI)

Before traveling outside Hong Kong, students can use the online service of the HKSAR Government at https://www.gov.hk/en/residents/immigration/outsidehk/roti.htm to register their contact details, itinerary and to receive updates on Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) and related public information.

iii.    Travel Health Service, Department of Health

Student can check the travel health news, tips and information, etc. at: https://www.travelhealth.gov.hk/eindex.html.

iv.    Assistance to Hong Kong Residents by HKSAR

Students are advised to read through the information at: http://www.gov.hk/en/residents/immigration/outsidehk/assisthk24.htm and take note of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents 24-Hour Hotline (+852 1868).

c.      Contact Information of Consulates

i.       Consulate-Generals and Representatives in Hong Kong

Students can try to seek assistance and advice of the countries they are visiting via the relevant consulates’ offices or representatives in Hong Kong. The list of Consular Posts and Officially Recognised Bodies in Hong Kong is available at: https://www.protocol.gov.hk/eng/consular/index.html. It is advisable to check the contact information of and advice from the respective Consulates in Hong Kong and at the country you are going to before departure.

ii.      Assistance to Hong Kong Residents in the Mainland or Travelling Outside Chinese Territory

Students can find the locations and contacts of overseas Chinese diplomatic or consular missions on the webpage of one-stop portal of the HKSAR Government (GovHK) at: https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/extra-territorial-assistance.html.

iii.     CEDARS Reference Guide

Students are also advised to download and keep a copy of the Pre-Departure Notes for Outgoing Students prepared by CEDARS at https://www.cedars.hku.hk/nonlocal/publication/predeparturenotes2018.pdf.

6.     Download Printed Version

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Crisis and Emergency Outside Hong Kong