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Writing & Preparation: Cover Letter

Writing & Preparation: Cover Letter

Always accompany the CV with a short and well-written cover letter when making your application. It should highlight the most important parts of your CV and demonstrate your suitability for the vacancy.

Outline of a cover letter


Address carefully to the correct company and contact person (name and position title). If no contact person is disclosed, use: Dear Human Resources Manager.


Briefly explain why you are writing and where and when you were notified of the job advertisement: I write to apply for the position of XX advertised on YY (date) at ZZ (newspaper / website).


Explain why you are interested (or eager) to join this company and what competencies you possess that the employer should consider you. You may highlight some specific examples to support why you are suitable for the position, rather than talking about skills and qualities in isolation. Do not just repeat phrases from your CV.


Finish your letter in a polite and positive way: I hope I meet your requirements and am available for an interview at your convenience. Use 'Yours sincerely' or, if you don't know the name, 'Yours faithfully' followed by your signature to end your letter.

Tips for writing cover letter

  • Restrict to one page of A4 paper in length
  • Use a (common) font and font size that are easy to read
  • Don’t use more than 2 font types at a time
  • Add space between paragraphs
  • Allow space for signature at the bottom
  • Make sure you put the correct company name and position if you send it for different applications - of course you have to edit the contents as well
  • Use simple sentences
  • Use industry commonly used words to enhance the chance of being selected, e.g. IT:
    1. Java, programming, C++, Linux, SQL
    2. system analysis / design / implementation / support
    3. user-friendly system, reliability / stability


  • Proofread your application. Make sure that there is no typo or grammatical mistake.
  • Check the accuracy of your contact details

Writing & Preparation: Cover Letter