Speed Dating

Speed Dating

What is Speed Dating?

This party provides students with an opportunity to meet new friends through a series of brief ‘dates’, without any restraints of personal beliefs or backgrounds. Participants will have the chance to focus on the uniqueness and commonalities of each individual.

Through various activities, students can talk to different people, polish their social skills, as well as discover their love languages. Students will be given a set of dating tips in advance to prepare for the party. It is full of fun and laughter!

Why Speed Dating?

Connecting with others

The event gives you the opportunity to meet with new people who you do not get to see in your everyday lives. It allows you to practise and polish your social skills in a fun and relaxing environment.


In the busy and fast-paced university life, speed-dating provides singles with a speedy, efficient, and fun way to meet new friends and prospective romantic partners. Everyone is there for the same reason – looking for a romantic relationship and making some friends.


Pictures and profiles on social media can be deceiving. In speed-dating, you are going to meet real, living, and breathing human beings who are also looking for genuine human connections.

Going beyond Your comfort zone

You are never alone in speed-dating. It is a guided event, and there is always someone to go to if you feel uncomfortable or threatened. If you cannot find a match within your social circles, it is time for you to break out of your comfort zones and create new possibilities!

Discovering yourselves

This is definitely a valuable chance for you to explore and reconnect with yourselves. 
You will reflect on who you are, what qualities you are looking for in a romantic partner, what you like and what you do not like, and how much you want to open up yourselves to other people. 
You will also discover new faces of yourselves through interactions, peer feedback, and various group activities.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for event updates!

History & Past Events


Our first Speed Dating event was held in 2009. It was a Masquerade party where all the participants put on a mask throughout the evening. They would only take it off when the party was over. The party gained an overwhelmingly positive reception and we have been organising speed dating events since then. The elegant evening party was later changed to a smart-casual event in the late afternoon in 2011, from wearing elaborate masks to showing true faces. The Speed Dating parties continue to provide a fun and secure environment for students to connect with others, as well as with themselves.

Past Events  

Year of event

Names of the speed dating event


Masquerade Party


Masquerade Party: Speed Dating Experience


Speed Dating Experience


A Speed Dating Experience


Speed Dating Experience

Speed Dating experience for Lesbians, Gay and Bisexual (LGB)


Masquerade Party - A Taste of Dating Experiences

Mix & Match Dating Party


A Simple Dating Experience


A Simple Dating Experience


A Simple Dating Experience


A Speed Dating Experience


A Cross-cultural Speed Dating Experience: Love knows no border


A Cross-cultural Speed Dating Experience: Love knows no border

PS. I See You - A Zoom Dating Experience


A Speed Dating Experience

PS. I See You - A Zoom Dating Experience

Speed Dating