"CoPE Ding Ding" Student-oriented Outpost

"CoPE Ding Ding" Student-oriented Outpost

We have collaborated with talented student artists and experienced handicraft artists to bring you a series of engaging workshops. Join us to experience a unique hands-on experience that will unleash your creative potential and help you unwind. 

Our workshops are free of charge and suitable for beginners. Mark your schedule and sign up for your preferred timeslot onsite (first-come-first-served)!

The list of workshops for April 2024 is as follows:

  • Dip Art Workshop: Frangipani Bracelet  (10 April, Wednesday)
  • Feeling Daisies  (16 April, Tuesday)
  • Flower Bookmark Workshop (18 April, Thursday)

  • Dip Art Workshop: Frangipani Bracelet

    Dip art workshop

    Dip Art is a skillful craft that involves winding preserved copper wire, molding it into specific shapes, dipping it into resin, and finally colouring it. These crafted pieces can then be used to create a variety of accessories, including bracelets and earrings. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to make your own Frangipani Bracelet. Come and join us for a fun and creative experience!

    Date: 10 April 2024 (Wednesday)
    Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm (30 minutes per session)
    Venue: CoPE Ding Ding (UG/F, CYM Amenities Centre)
    Quota: 30 students (5 students per session)
    Language: Cantonese and English
    Artist: Ms Helen Khoo Ping Ping (HKU alumna)

    Helen Khoo

    About Ms Helen Khoo:
    Helen, the founder of Cryst_floral, established in Aug 2022, devotes herself to dip-art after quitting her full-time employment to pursue her dream of working as a craft artist.
    Her adoration for nature motivates her to incorporate floral elements into her craft. Recognising the importance of personal time for self-care, she hopes that all individuals attending her workshops will embrace these moments and use them as opportunities to nurture and care for themselves.

    Feeling Daisies

    Calligraphy workshop

    We will draw some easy Michaelmas Daisies with oil pastels, then pair them with a line of poetry of your choice and sealed in an envelope to remember this day.

    Date: 16 April 2024 (Tuesday)
    Time: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm (30 minutes per session)
    Venue: CoPE Ding Ding (UG/F, CYM Amenities Centre)
    Qutoa: 24 students (4 students per session)
    Language: Cantonese and English
    Student Artist: Ms Sophia Chen

    Mr Charles So

    About Ms Sophia Chen:
    Sophia has always wanted to share her love of oil pastels and nature with others. Since she came across her first oil pastel tutorial on YouTube, she has painted hundreds of landscapes. “I used to want to draw perfectly. Now I just draw, and feel good about whatever I get.” When asked about how she copes with artistic failure, she laughs. “You have to be open-minded when you are just not talented. I refuse to let ability get in my way of enjoying this hobby.”

    Flower Bookmark Workshop

    Flower bookmark workshop

    Discover the art of crafting exquisite resin bookmarks embellished with your favourite flowers, elevating your study experience with every turn of a page. Join us in this workshop where you will delve into the world of resin techniques and unleash your creativity and self-expression.

    Date: 18 April 2024 (Thursday)
    Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm (30 minutes per session)
    Venue: CoPE Ding Ding (UG/F, CYM Amenities Centre)
    Quota: 24 students (4 students per session)
    Language: Cantonese and English
    Student Artist: Ms Roni Lam

    Ms Roni Lam

    About Ms Roni Lam:
    Roni is a final-year student who believes that creating art can be an introspective journey for self-expression and self-discovery. “It is quite fascinating that we can explore and reveal intricate thoughts and feelings through art.”

    Join us as a Student Artist or Helper

    Whether you are an artist skilled in painting, calligraphy, beading, crochet, or any other art form, we welcome you to share your knowledge and showcase your talents. You can gain valuable experience in teaching others while sharing your creativity with the community.

    Alternatively, if you are interested in event planning and management, you can join us as a student helper. As a helper, you will work closely with us and learn about event planning and management, while also meeting new people and developing your communication and teamwork skills.

    To get started, please reach out to us with your name, contact information, and a brief description of the type of workshop you would like to conduct or your interest in helping out.

    About CoPE Ding Ding

    Collaborating with local artists to hold handicraft workshops and experiential activities, CoPE Ding Ding is a nice spot to relax and refresh your mind before getting back to your study again. Here you can come together and learn from each other, as creating art is a way of expressing yourself, connecting with others and building a sense of community. Since November 2020, over 2,000 students have participated in our activities, including Fluid Art Workshop, Kokedama Workshop and Books Giveaway.

    Want to organise your events at CoPE Ding Ding?

    CoPE Ding Ding (UG/F, Chong Yuet Ming (CYM) Amenities Centre) is open for reservation by individual students or student groups/societies to host workshops, advocacy projects and promotional campaigns related to mental health and wellness. With its location on an essential pathway to nearby buildings and student life hotspots, CoPE Ding Ding propels your activities to a wider audience, including staff, students and visitors. Contact us if you are interested.

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    "CoPE Ding Ding" Student-oriented Outpost