Student-initiated Projects

Student-initiated Projects (SEN)

We are committed to supporting students with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN) in overcoming barriers and achieving a successful university education. To further promote a positive attitude towards diversity, we encourage and facilitate students to initiate project ideas to help create an inclusive environment. Below are a few good examples:

*All the projects were supported by the HKU 81 Inclusion Fund. View the video to learn its impact from 2006 to 2018.

nextBraille (2017/18)*

This research and facilities improvement project supported by the HKU 81 Inclusion Fund aimed to reduce the hindrance for people with visual impairment in using digital devices. The project team produced a low-cost 2-in-1 braille device for smartphones. The prototype was completed with the help of volunteers with visual impairment. To promote the device to the general public, the project team has shared the production data online as an open source to invite comments on their design for further modifications.

Audio Description with Visually Impaired 「聲音導航」電影口述影像活動 (2017/18)*

This voluntary service project aimed to enhance empathy towards people with visual impairment through acquiring the technique for making the audio description for films. Through an audio description workshop, participants learned about the difficulties for people with visual impairment to enjoy movies. They also attempted to script write the audio description of a microfilm from the perspective of people with visual impairment.

Enhancing the Enjoyment of Physical Activity with Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) (2016/17)*

This educational programme targeted to promote equal opportunity for children with and without DCD to participate in physical activities. With a service-learning approach, student volunteers were recruited to support two training sessions for children with and without DCD. All activities ended with joy and laughter, and most importantly all participants developed a better understanding of DCD.

Student-initiated Projects