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Study Support

Study Support

Tour Guide for Accessible campus
Because of the uneven terrain, students with visual or physical impairments may have difficulties navigating on the HKU campus. SEN PIN members are recruited as tour guides to assist them in familiarising with the campus environment. They orient students on campus, lead them to accessible routes to classrooms and buildings, and introduce to them the major university facilities.   

Note-taker / Transcriber (face to face and/or online)
Note-taking is an essential service for students with difficulties in listening to lectures or reading course materials. Most students with SEN are keen learners, but some of their conditions (e.g. low vision, fine-motor problems, difficulties in listening and writing at the same time, etc.) may pose a challenge for them to take notes during lectures.

By jotting down and sharing their lecture notes, or transcribing audio-recordings of lectures, peer note-takers/ transcribers make an important contribution to enhancing equity and accessibility for students with SEN.

Proof-reader (online)
Some students with SEN (e.g. visual impairment, physical disability, reading difficulties, etc.) may need to access books/ readings in an electronic format. SEN Support works with the HKU Libraries to provide the requested materials.

During the electronic conversion of printed text, errors or "scannos" may appear. SEN PIN members are invited to proof-read the converted text to improve its accuracy so that it can be displayed on different assistive devices from screen readers to digital braille devices.

Specific requirements

To join the Study Support service, you are required to:

  1. Engage in at least ONE of the above services in the semester*
  2. Attend two inclusive gatherings offered by CEDARS-CoPE:
  • Oct 16, 2020 (Fri) 6:00 – 7:30 pm
  • Nov 4, 2020 (Wed) 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Format: Zoom/ Face-to-face (To be announced)

* Service opportunities are based on demand. From record in 2019-20, each student served for about 3 hours per semester.

What will I gain through providing study support?

  • A chance to get in touch with and provide hands-on support to students in HKU with disabilities/SEN
  • Deeper understanding of people with disabilities/SEN and their potential
  • Enhanced helping and communication skills
  • Raised awareness and sensitivity of disability-related issues
  • Opportunity to build an inclusive campus through the peer support network

Students conducting study support:

If you are interested in providing any of the above study support services, you can join SEN PIN (You can also register as a note-taker / transcriber for particular courses only).

Study Support