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Register and Assessment

Registration and Assessment

Privacy protection 

Registration for SEN Support is voluntary, and students are free to withdraw at any time without any consequences. We are committed to meeting the University’s policies of personal data privacy protection. We ensure that the collection and release of student information are only for the purposes of service arrangement. 

Students’ responsibilities

  • To register with us and indicate your needs as early as possible because some requests such as special examination arrangements may require a processing time of at least 8 weeks
  • To provide relevant information and sufficient documentation to support your requests
  • To participate in the support planning and implementation process, such as checking with your course teachers on the special arrangements prior to in-class assessments, collecting feedback from teachers and/or academic advisers on what works for you and what needs to be modified
  • To actively communicate with your SEN Case Manager on any changes to your needs and/or arising difficulties

Registration procedures

  • Contact CEDARS SEN Support through email (cedars-SEN@hku.hk) or phone (3917-8388) to request for an online registration form
  • We will send you an individual link of the registration form through email
  • Please complete the following steps on a ONE-TIME basis with the individual link:
  1. Fill in the information required on the registration form; and
  2. Upload a copy of your supporting document(s)* (please refer to our Guidelines on Documentary Evidence)
    *Upload only ONE document in PDF/ ZIP format. If you have more than one document, please upload them in ONE ZIP file. Max size: 15 MB)
  • You will receive a notification email after submitting the online registration*
    *Registration will only be successful if you have uploaded supporting document(s).
  • An SEN Case Manager will contact you after the review of your registration form and supporting document(s)

Assistance or alternative registration methods 

To arrange alternative ways of registration, please contact us by phone at 3917-8388 or by email at cedars-SEN@hku.hk.

Register and Assessment