Register and Assessment

Registration and Assessment

Students’ responsibilities

Students must observe the deadline for registration for the SEN Support Service. You should complete all the required registration procedures before the last day of the Reading Week, which is 9 March 2024 (Saturday).

On or before the deadline, you should have:
☑Completed the electronic application form.
Uploaded ALL the required supporting documents. (Please refer to the Guidelines on Documentary Evidence for the specific requirements)

After the deadline, you should:
☑ Make an appointment with your Case Manager as soon as possible upon receiving the email notification of the assignation of your Case Manager
☑ Participate in the support planning and implementation process.
☑ Actively communicate with your SEN Case Manager on any changes to your needs and/or arising difficulties

Important Notes: 

1. If you fail to complete the above by the deadline, some support services, such as special examination arrangement, will not be arranged in that same semester due to the processing time required. Accommodations for the next semester will be arranged as normal. Students with SEN are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible.

2. Please see the Specialist's Report Form template for your reference. This form is intended to be an easy-to-follow template form for specialists to fill in, especially for students that are recently diagnosed / needs to have an updated report. It is not compulsory. If you have medical documents that fulfilled the requirement set out in the Guidelines on Documentary Evidence (see above), you do not need to submit this form.

3. If you would like to apply for special timetabling arrangement for your examinations, you must complete the registration procedure and raise your concerns to your case manager by 30 January 2024. Please note that such request has to be supported documentary evidence.

Registration procedures

See the Registration Procedure in PDF for a screen-reading friendly version.

Specification for documentary evidence

For documentary evidence like medical letters, professional reports or proof for past accommodations, please observe the requirements set out in the Guidelines of Documentary Evidence.

Privacy protection 

Registration for SEN Support is voluntary, and students are free to withdraw at any time. We are committed to meeting the University’s policies of personal data privacy protection. We ensure that the collection and release of student information are only for the purposes of service arrangement.


Assistance or alternative registration methods 

To arrange alternative ways of registration, please contact us by phone at 3917-8388 or by email at


Register and Assessment