Excellent and Inclusive Practice Award

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About the Award

Excellent and Inclusive Practice Award is established to appreciate and recognise HKU staff members’ exceptional contributions in addressing the challenges faced by students studying with documented disabilities or SEN condition. The outstanding efforts and good practices uphold the values of equality, respect and social inclusion on our campus.  

Nomination Requirements


  • Nominator - Current students who have registered with SEN Support services could submit maximum 2 nominations
  • Nominee - Individuals who are current full-time staff (faculty members and administrative staff members) are eligible for the Awards.  Staff from CEDARS-CoPE are not eligible. Consent of nominees must be sought before the submission of application

Nominations are now being accepted. Applications must be submitted by 29 February, 2024. Submit the form online

Selection Criteria

Involvement - Provide a fully inclusive campus experiences for students with SEN to develop their capabilities with respect for their diverse learning needs

Excellence - Drive best practices related to equal opportunities, anti-discriminations and social inclusion in HKU community

Innovation - Adopt new technology and innovative ideas to enhance the learning and research resources for students with SEN

Influence - Promote awareness-raising towards inclusion in HKU community 

All eligible nominations will be reviewed by the Selection Panel against the criteria.  Nominators will be invited to attend an interview with the Panel members and give supplementary information when necessary. 


The result announcement will be released by March 2024. The Excellent and Inclusive Practice Awards will be presented to the award recipients in the Award Presentation Ceremony, which will take place on 12 April 2024. All staff and students are welcome to participate. 

For enquiries, please contact us by phone at 3917-8388 or by email at cedars-SEN@hku.hk.

Excellent and Inclusive Practice Award