Learning Support

Learning Support

Reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments

Reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments aim to minimise or eliminate the disadvantaging effects of students’ conditions on their learning. They are meant to “level the playing field” instead of undermining academic integrity or the core requirements of a course or programme.

We provide recommendations on reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments which address individual needs in the following aspects:

  • Special examination arrangement
  • Special classroom arrangement
  • Course materials in an accessible format

As students’ educational needs in HKU may differ from those in the past, there may be modifications to the academic adjustments and examination arrangements granted in HKU.

After reviewing individual cases, we will issue a letter of recommendations on reasonable accommodations / adjustments (LoRA) to the respective Faculties and the Examinations Office for approval and implementation. Students will also receive a copy of our letter via email for their record.

Here is a list of Faculty SEN Contact Persons who help disseminate LoRA to respective faculty staff, and facilitate liaison on the reasonable accommodations / adjustments when needed:


SEN Contact Person


Ms. Heidy Siu


Ms. Nicole Wong

Business and Economics

Ms. Ada Lam


Ms. Vester Wong


Ms. Crystal Chan


Ms. Sharon Chui


Ms. Pamela Tam


Ms. Amy Wu


Ms. June Tse

Social Sciences

Miss Vanisa Yip

Since requests for reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments require a processing time of at least 8 weeks, students are recommended to register with us as early as possible. Late applications may not be accepted.

The LoRA expires every year. Students are responsible for communicating with us to review their needs and renew the letter before or at the beginning of a new academic year.


Special Library Support

We collaborate with the Libraries to provide special support and facilities to students with SEN. Requests for special library support must be referred by the SEN Case Manager from SEN Support.

  • Liaise with publishers to provide electronic textbooks
  • Support for converting materials into accessible formats
  • Special rooms equipped with assistive technology
    • Hardware: Computers with larger monitors, reading aids (e.g. Braille display, magnifier, etc.), and power scanners
    • Software: Screen reader software JAWS (which also offers speech synthesizers for English and Chinese languages) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software ABBYY
  • Special lift access for students with physical disabilities

Learning Support