Other Support and Campus Resources

Other Support and Campus Resources

1-1 Career Advising Service

  • Job market information
  • Job searching strategies
  • Application writing reviews
  • Interview preparation

Academic Advising and Scholarships Office

Medical Services

The University Health Service (UHS) provides accessible primary health care. You can consult UHS for medical advice and referral to specialist services.

Special Housing Arrangement

If students wish to apply for a student residence based on the needs arisen from their disabilities/ SEN conditions, they must be registered with SEN Support. Based on the relevant documentation proof provided by the students, all applications will first be assessed by the SEN Case Manager.

It is the students’ responsibility to obtain and provide sufficient and relevant document(s) to support their application. The document(s) must be issued by qualified professionals. It shall indicate the student's diagnosis, his/her current conditions, the specific recommendations and justifications for the request.

The application will be jointly considered by Counselling and Person Enrichment (SEN Support) and Campus Life (Accommodation) of CEDARS. We may also consult the Director of University Health Service, depending on the student's needs. Please note that students are still required to submit an on-line application within the application period (same as other students). Please visit CEDARS – Campus Life (Accommodation) for more information.

All HKU student residences offer one-year residency only. If students wish to continue to live in a particular residential hall / college in subsequent years, they must apply for re-admission in the Round II application exercise, which normally takes place in March / April. Students with SEN are expected to approach their SEN Case Manager and present updated evidence to support their application for re-admission.

For new students, please contact SEN Support as soon as you have received an offer letter of admission in early August.

For students who are applying for a student residence based on other special needs (e.g. temporary medical conditions), please write to CEDARS (cedars.housing@hku.hk) directly.

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Study Rooms / Tables

Equal Opportunity Unit

Other Support and Campus Resources