The four sections of CEDARS work in unison to achieve the Mission of CEDARS while each has its own areas of specialization.

Campus Life


The Campus Life Section is committed to enabling students to pursue full and gratifying intellectual and personal development by providing professional student-centred campus support and student services, including a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive campus environment, staunch support to student activities, responsive and caring services to fulfil students’ changing fundamental and financial needs, promotion of student welfare, well-managed physical facilities and effective communication with the university community.

About Us

The Campus Life Section specializes in the following areas:

  • Catering

  • Diversity and Inclusion Related Provision

  • Non-local Students Support and Integration

  • Outgoing Students Support

  • Student Amenities

  • Student Finance

  • Student Housing

  • Student Welfare and Emergency

  • Support for Student Societies and Activities


About us