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Residential Halls (mainly for undergraduate students)

Halls of residence form part of the tradition of the University. They are part of the education system rather than just a provision of accommodation. As hall members have to learn to be independent and interact closely with students of different backgrounds under the same roof, halls are a very effective means to integrate students' social and intellectual lives, and therefore offer a golden opportunity for whole-person education. Presently, there are thirteen residential halls and two non-residential halls. For residential halls, eleven of them are directly administered by the University while two (St John’s College and Ricci Hall) are financially and administratively independent. Each hall has either a Manager or a Steward to assist the Warden in the daily operation.

Whole-person Development: Halls of HKU are devoted to the development of their members.  Hall members are encouraged to take full advantage of such a precious opportunity to actively participate in various hall activities so as to develop their personal abilities (e.g. leadership skills), personality, communication and social skills, as well as intellectual ability.

Unique Characteristics: Halls of HKU are known for their strong hall spirit.  Each hall has its own tradition, culture, and unique characteristics and members identify very strongly with their halls.  Through developing a sense of belonging and commitment to the hall, students will also develop a similar sense of commitment to the society.

Affiliated Members: Non-residential students may also apply to become affiliated members of most of the residential halls.

Accommodation for Newly-admitted Nonlocal Students

Who should submit hall application here:

On-line application of undergraduate halls for the following groups of students will be accepted from 10 May 2023 (Hong Kong Time) onwards:

1) newly admitted non-local full degree students* (for full-time undergraduates only), OR

2) newly admitted exchange or visiting students (for undergraduates, including LLB students)

Residential Colleges (Jockey Club Student Village III)

Residential Colleges form part of a proud tradition at The University of Hong Kong.

Sited on Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town, the Village was named after The Hong Kong Jockey Club in recognition of a donation of HK$108.25 million from the Club’s Charities Trust. Its four Residential Colleges are now home to 1,800 students, and are committed to contributing to society both locally and worldwide.

Each College is a home for students’ intellectual development as well as their social and cultural growth. In this community of young intellectuals, students learn about the world, about others, and most of all about themselves.

At The Jockey Club Student Village III, 1,800 students from 56 countries live together and learn from one another. Here, dynamic cross-cultural experiences take place, visions and ideals are nurtured, and friendships are built for life.

Off-Campus Housing

Privately-Rented Accommodation 
If you do not want to reside in the university student residences, you can choose to find your own apartment or share a flat with your friends or other HKU students. Information on vacant flats and rooms can be found in local newspapers, real estate agencies or from the website of CEDARS. CEDARS runs an ‘Accommodation Service’ which gathers information on rooms and flats available for renting in the vicinity of the campus. The information is posted on an intranet database and CEDARS IMap where all HKU members can get access easily. Also Guidelines on signing of a tenancy agreement are listed. As a general rule, the landlord will request the tenant to pay a two-month rental deposit and will demand a contract that will last for a year or more. Places advertised in the newspapers are generally arranged by real estate agencies and they will levy a commission fee. 

Application for Postgraduate Housing

Vacancies Available for Application

The Central Clearing House for vacancies in halls/colleges/student residences will be opened from 23 August, 2023 at 10:00 am. Vacancies of individual hall/college/student residence will be posted on a weekly basis. 

If you are in need of student residence, please apply online through the above website. Your applications will be considered and dealt with directly by the respective hall/college/student residence of your choice.

Summer Vacation Residence

Summer Vacation Residence 2023

Application can be made from 2 March 10 a.m. 
Successful applicant may stay at one of our residential Halls and Residential Colleges from late May to 4 August 2023.

If you are interested in Summer Vacation Residence, please submit your online application by 20 March (Monday) (for current hall members) or by 17 April (Monday) (for other students).

The permission of stay will be granted by the respective Hall/College offices directly.

Summer Letting of Halls

Summer Letting of Halls 2023 (June 5 - August 4, 2023)

We coordinates summer letting of halls. The dates and number of hall places are subject to availability. Please apply early.