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Booking Information

Booking Arrangement

Studio 303

  • Both venues are primarily for performance-based activities, and all applicants must demonstrate that their scheduled functions are of such a nature which justifies the use of the venues.
  • CYMCC accepts booking applications in prior of the function date as below:

    Studio 303
    Student Societies / Groups
    6 months
    Faculties / Departments
    3 months
    Non - HKU Organisations

  • Applications made less than 2 months before the function will not be considered unless under exceptional circumstances.
  • Applicants may submit up to 3 choices, in order of priority, of the booking period for their functions.
  • Applicants will be invited to discuss with the Cultural Centre management on matters related to their booking requests.
  • Applicants will be notified of the booking results at least 2 months prior to the date of function.
  • Technical support for the use of equipment / Audio Visual system / Technicians is to be provided by Learning Environment Services. Additional costs such as equipment and technicians might be applied. For details on the equipment and technicians’ costs, please refer to Technicians & Equipment.  For further enquiries, please call +852 3917 5122.
  • For any enquiries regarding booking applications and venue management, please call +852 3917 1281 or email to cymcc@hku.hk.

Cancellation Policy 

  • A confirmed booking may be cancelled without prior notice to the Hirer and without any refund of any fees paid if the Hirer uses Auditorium for the purpose other than that stated in the application form, or the Hirer changes the nature of the function, or the Hirer is in breach of any condition which the Management has specified when accepting the application for the booking. 
  • The venue cancellation policy applied to all reservations and all contracted events. 
  • Should there be any cancellation of the booking, Hirer should inform CYMCC at least 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the event via email to cymcc@hku.hk. Notice of cancellation given in writing more than 6 weeks prior to the hire date will incur no penalty and the booking charges will be reimbursed in full. 
  • Cancellation within 6 weeks prior to the event will incur the cancellation fee equal to 50% of rental charges. 
  • Cancellation within 72 hours prior to the event will incur the cancellation fee equal to 100% of rental charges. 

Booking Information