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Yuet Ming Auditorium

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Yuet Ming Auditorium is located at 5/F of Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre. It provides a good quality facility for the art and cultural performances in the University of Hong Kong. The Yuet Ming Auditorium is the most modern and well-equipped proscenium theatre with a capacity of 392 seats. Basic furnishings are provided. The place can be used for cultural performances, drama productions and various kinds of functions.

Seat Numbers
392 seats

Stage Area
approx. 11 m (width) x 7.43 m (depth)

Proscenium Area
approx. 11.81 m (width) x 6 m (height)

2 dressing rooms with individual bath rooms

For booking enquiries, please contact HKU Examinations Office.

Tel: +852 3917 2445
Email: roombook@hku.hk

Yuet Ming Auditorium