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Student Theatrical Technician Training Programme

Student Theatrical Technician Training Programme enhances your knowledge in theatrical lighting, sound and stage management and provides you with hands-on experiences in lighting and audio-visual operation under the guidance of CYMCC and ITS staff. 

Upon completion of the 20-hour programme and passing all the examinations, you will be qualified as the CYMCC student theatrical technician and be given the opportunity to work as lighting and/or audio-visual operators alongside with veteran and professional theatrical technicians in various performances such as mini concert, drama, variety show. 

This programme is now recognised as one of the credit bearing out-of-classroom learning experiences run by the Horizons Office, HKU. Eligible participants can claim credits upon completion of the programme. For more details about the out-of-classroom learning experiences, please refer to https://tl.hku.hk/out-of-class-credits/

The last series of training courses has come to end in May 2019. Let's view this album for the remarkable moments!

Please stay tuned with our facebook @hkucedars.cymcc for more details about the Student Theatrical Technician Training Programme!

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Student Theatrical Technician Training Programme