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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

Emergency financial assistance is available for application from students throughout the year with financial needs arising from the following situations:

  1. Urgent needs arising from sudden changes in family circumstances

    • Examples of such changes are unemployment of parents, severe drop in family income, unexpected loss of family support.
    • Awards can be in form of grants/loans.
    • The level of emergency awards will depend on the impact of such changes on the level of family support to the student.

  2. Urgent needs arising from late availability of other financial resources / assistance

    This applies primarily to those students who have financial difficulties in making ends meet while awaiting results of their TSFS / Main Exercise and other financial and applications

  3. Needs arising from sudden increase in expenses or drop in income

Application Procedures

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Call CEDARS at 3917 2305 for an appointment to meet a student advising officer for assessment of your needs.
  3. Bring along your completed application forms and all the relevant supporting documents on the day of the interview.