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Orientation Activities

Orientation Activities

At the beginning of every semester, the Centre of Development and Resources for Students and the International Affairs Office organize an array of orientation and adjustment programmes, which aim to soothe the transition of the newly arrived non-local students. These include cultural adjustment session, City Tour and outings.

The Weeks of Welcome and Orientation for Non-local Student programmes are not mandatory. You are encouraged to join them if your schedule allows.

In every August and September, student bodies will organize a wide range of student orientation programmes on the campus. In order to facilitate your adjustment and adaptation to the HKU hall life, non-local students are encouraged to participate in the hall orientation activities, which will normally take place in late August. You can find out more details with your own hall manager or Hall Association in early August.

Weeks of Welcome (WoW)

This is a series of induction programmes for newly arrived non-local students. You are free to choose from a series of activities to be held in late August and early September, and in January for students coming in the second semester. The activities, a mixture of fun, fact finding, visits and tours, aim to help you to settle down, to induct into the local way and to get to know about the new environment and people. Visit our WoW website for the event calendar and online registration nearer the time.

Snapshots of the 2nd semester (2019-20) WoW programme are available for viewing.

Orientation 2020-2021 

Note: In view of the pandemic situation, all face-to-face Weeks of Welcome events will be cancelled. You are welcome to join our Virtual WoW Party and other online events listed in the calendar.  A series of Weeks of Welcome and orientation videos will be available for viewing around mid to late August.

Enquiries: cedars@hku.hk

Orientation for non-local students (optional) coming in August 2020:
Date : 27 August 2020 
Time : 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Venue : The Grand Hall (Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre), Centennial Campus 
You can obtain the programme rundown here nearer the time.

Snapshots on the recent Orientation for new non-local students are available for viewing.

Orientation Activities