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Peer English Tutoring

Peer English Tutoring

Peer English Practice: Building Your Social Confidence and HKU Network 

Peer English Tutoring connects you with a native or near-native English-speaking Language Partner to practise conversational English in a stress-free environment. Spoken English is made easy by casual chats on Food, MoviesMusicTravel Experiences etc.

The programme not only provides an opportunity for you to practise your spoken English but also creates a platform for cultural and knowledge exchange. In this semester, you will be paired up for three regular 1-hour Zoom practice sessions.

The schedule for these sessions is very flexible. Language Partners and participants can provide your free timeslots during weekdays to facilitate the matching.

Any native or near-native English speakers are welcome to join as a Language Partner. CEDARS Reward Points will be given to recognise your contributions to support your peers.

Want to brush up your spoken English and/or expand your social network at HKU, stay tuned for our recruitment notice (bulk-emails sent via HKU Portal system)!

Peer English Tutoring