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Peer Cantonese Tutoring

Important Notice: 
Language Tutoring Programmes (Peer English Tutoring & Survival Cantonese) for this semester have been cancelled.

Survival Cantonese

Survival Cantonese aims to provide an opportunity for non-local students to practise basic Cantonese so that they can better adjust to the life in Hong Kong. It also serves as a platform for peer learning and cultural exchange.

Any native Cantonese speakers are welcome to apply for the post of Cantonese Student Tutor. Tutors need to hold a 1.5-hour one-to-one survival Cantonese (30 phrases of “daily Cantonese”) conversational practice session with non-local students.

CEDARS Reward Points will be given to the tutors for their contributions to the project.

Non-local students are welcome to join as tutees to learn basic Cantonese. Watch out for our recruitment notice (bulk-emails sent via hku portal system)!  

Peer Cantonese Tutoring