Peer Cantonese Tutoring

Survival Cantonese

Survival Cantonese aims to provide an opportunity for non-local students to practise basic Cantonese so that they can better adjust to life in Hong Kong. It also serves as a platform for peer learning, cultural exchange and social connection.

Non-local students are welcome to join as tutees. They will practise essential Cantonese phrases for everyday greetings and scenarios with a student tutor in two 1-hour individual Zoom sessions.

Native Cantonese speakers are welcome to join as Cantonese Student Tutors. Interested students are welcome to register for the post via the Language Tutoring Booking SystemCEDARS Reward Points will be given to tutors for their contributions to the programme.

This programme is offered with greater flexibility without venue restrictions. Tutors and tutees can provide their available timeslots during weekdays for the matching.

No matter if you want to learn the basics to get around, or promote the language and local culture, watch out for our recruitment notice (bulk emails sent via the HKU Portal system)!

Peer Cantonese Tutoring