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Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City” Dance Education Programme

Introductory Contemporary Dance Workshop - Outreach Tour to University and Community

Commenced in July 2019, Jockey Club "In Search of Voice in a Cramped City" Dance Education Programme is a 3-year dance education project funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. This Programme fuses contemporary dance with other art disciplines: drama, music, text-image and visual arts as media, to create a series of innovative programme activities for youths to explore communication. ​ The Workshop comprises three 3-hour sessions totally 9 hours. Participants will experience dance/body creativity across various arts modalities, and express themselves and exchange ideas with peers through creative process through the workshop series.

Programme Details

Date | 13, 20 Nov 2020 (Fri) ; 26 Nov 2020 (Thu)

Time | 7-10pm

Venue | CYM302, Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre

Language | Cantonese, supported with English

Participants | HKU undergraduate students and staff

Enquiry | 3917-1281 / cymcc@hku.hk

Registration | https://hkuems1.hku.hk/hkuems/ec_hdetail.aspx?ueid=72568 (HKU Portal login is required)

Instructors Biography

Elaine Kwok | Choreographer

Graduated from the HKAPA (2005). Previously worked with Art Fission Company (Singapore) and is currently an independent choreographer and dance educator.


First solo Of Mud and Dust featured in Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) in 2011, Guangdong Dance Festival (2012), Beijing Dance Festival (2014), and International Dance Theater Festival at Zawirowania, Poland (2015).


Solo performances Solo (2011) and Melting Solitude II (2013) were commissioned by HKAFand LCSD. Invited as guest curator for the City Festival’s dance programme (2007) and her work, Let the Body Flow, was performed in Hong Kong and Patravadi Theatre in Thailand (2008). Received the 2011 Hong Kong Dance Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Dance for her work in Positioning.

hyf Text-Image

HYF was born in Hong Kong. His family was originated in Nan Hai of Guangdong, a place he never paid a visit. At younger age, he was educated under colonial education. He finished his university studies in USA majoring in Drama. In the past 30 years, He has been utilizing theatre as cultural bridges, learning to unlearn the peculiar relationship of the self and the likely bonding with the surrounding social, political and cultural issues and phenomena. He believes in art-in-actions, through which to re-examine the unique cultural and social enigma of Hong Kong, hoping that alternative insight to refurbish independent thinking among common folks could be implemented through art and social works. 


HYF was the founder and artistic director of the former Theatre Fanatico (1996-2010). In 2011, he established Ho Bit Goon, a cultural hub for the arts. He loves all aspects of arts and travelling. He also plays a variety of roles in art and theatre making, from producing, directing, playwriting, designing to curating special projects for theatre-in-education and cultural planning. He has been a strong believer in using poetry, theatre, painting, music and storytelling to construct particular art-in-actions to construct better cultural exploratory works looking into the social and cultural phenomena both in Hong Kong and the Mainland of China.

26 November, 2020
19:00 - 22:00
Room 302

Event Detail