F:A:C:E: - Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences
F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) is our dream to enrich campus life and learning with more intimate, interactive, vivid and face-to-face encounters of arts and culture. There are various salons and workshops that you are guaranteed the most enjoyable learning experience. Here you can find like-minded souls to discover this enchanting world together.

GE2019-38   F:A:C:E: Choice & Sharing Sessions 藝文「傾」
GE2019-39   Re-View Edward Yang's Yi Yi by Theatre Director Edward Lam
                   創作Do-RE-Mi:由電影變身舞台劇,聽林奕華分享如何 RE-View, RE-Interpret, RE-Think 楊德昌的《一一》
GE2019-40   Your Letters to Hong Kong 2030

GE2019-41   From Artist to Artist-Citizen
GE2019-42   Book Club: In Love and War
GE2019-43   Book Club: David and Goliath
GE2019-44   Music Salon: Re-Tune
GE2019-45   Telling the Stories of Our Times with Documentaries
GE2019-46   ‘From Page to Stage; From Pace to Space’ Creative Workshop

GE2019-47   May 35 Drama Performance
GE2019-48   The Invincible Light of Hong Kong' Documentary Theatre
                   紀錄劇場 《擋不住的光》

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