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GES New Graduates 2022 - Survey Closed

GES New Graduates 2022 - Survey Closed

Graduate Employment Survey (GES) is carried out every year by CEDARS-Careers and Placement to collect information on destinations or employment of the graduating class. Employment situation of the full-time UGC-funded graduates in 2021:

Destination% Bachelor's Degree% Taught  Postgraduate% Research Postgraduate
Employed73.1% 93.3% 78.9%
Further Studies 21.4%2.7%8.6%
Unemployed 1.0%0.7%1.9%

Completion of GES 2022

With the support of 2022 graduates, GES 2022 has received very good response. Follow-up interviews conducted by CEDARS have been completed and the survey was closed.

All the data and information collected in GES will be treated in strictest confidence. Statistics will be released in aggregate form only with no personal or identifiable information. 

 Please visit Graduate Employment Survey Website for the past GES report and statistics.

 For enquiries, please contact CEDARS-Careers and Placement at grads@hku.hk or 3917 2317.