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Publicity Spaces


Publicity Stickers

Posters (Notice Boards)

Location Booking Agent
1. Outside Students' Union Restaurant (U01 - U16) HKUSU
2. Haking Wong Building Lift Lobby G/F, 4/F, 5/F (H01 - H26) HKUSU
3. Chow Yei Ching Building G/F (CYC01 – CYC11) HKUSU
4. K.K. Leung Building G/F (K01 - K24) HKUSU
5. K.K. Leung Lift Tower, Knowles Building G/F & UG, K.K. Leung Bridge, K.K. Leung Lift Tower (M01 – M16) HKUSU
6. Library Extension G/F & LG (L01 - L23) HKUSU
7. R.R. Shaw Podium (R01 - R20) HKUSU
8. Meng Wah Complex LG, G/F, 1/F (MW01 - MW17) HKUSU
9. Centennial Campus HKUSU


Location Booking Agent
1. Main Library G/F (Democracy Wall) HKUSU

Table Stands in Canteens

Location Booking Agent
1. CAC Restaurant HKUSU
2. FAC Restaurant HKUSU
3. Union Restaurant HKUSU

# Student societies wishing to book banner sites other than above, please submit request via CEDARS for approval by Estates Office up to three months in advance of the booking period.

Publicity Spaces