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Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Outside Catering Services

When coordinating an on-campus seminar or event, refreshments, coffee or formal meal could be one of the essential parts. Here is a list of caterers capable of providing outside catering services on campus such as banquet, high table dinner, and tea reception. You may wish to check with individual caterers for available services and quotations.

 HKU Caterers (Please approach the store manager for any enquiry on catering services)

Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre Restaurant
Tel: 2548 1109

Oliver's Super Sandwiches  
Tel: 2549 2862

alfafa cafe
Tel: 2546 2121

BIJAS Vegetarian 一念素食
Tel: 2964 9011

Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre Restaurant
Tel: 2857 5511

Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre Cafeteria - Café 330
Tel: 2794 3778

Catering Outpost II (SUBWAY)
Tel: 2561 9002

Outpost III - Kiosk by The Sandwich Club
Tel: 2398 7928

Main Library Coffee Shop - The Coffee Academics 
Tel: 2382 8226

Grove Company Limited

Tel: 2614 1088 
Email: sales@grove.hk


Outside Caterers 


Tel: 2964 9160
Email: gingers@gingers.com.hk

Gingko Catering

Tel: 8209 3088
Email: cs@gingkohouse.hk 

Joseph's Catering

Tel: 2555 8022
Email: info@jcatering.com 

Shamrock Catering Group

Tel: 2547 8155
Email: shamrocks@shamrock.com.hk 

Tsui Wah Supreme Catering

Tel: 2357 9222
Email: info@supremecatering.com.hk  

Reubird Hong Kong

Tel: 5281 4681
Email: customer-service@reubird.hk