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Guided Social Coaching

Guided Social Coaching (2nd semester, 2020-21) 

Service description

Social skills come very naturally to most people, but not for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other communication difficulties. This programme aims at recruiting and training a group of Peer Social Coaches to provide peer support and guidance to students with social difficulties on campus. The programme will take place in the 2nd semester.

Social Coaches will need to:

  • Demonstrate social and communication skills with guidance from certified trainers
  • Provide constructive feedback to peers with social difficulties
  • Conduct real-life skill practices
  • Promote inclusion by facilitating mutual learning and peer engagement in social events

Specific requirements

All social coaches should:

  • Be able to speak and understand Cantonese
  • Attend a 2-hour pre-group training*
  • Attend a total of FOUR group sessions with coachees (one session per week, each session lasts for 2 hours)*
  • Conduct a total of FOUR individual skill practice sessions with coachees in real-life situations (one session per week, each session lasts for 0.5 – 1 hour)*
  • Coordinate a social activity after the four group sessions

*Students who wish to participate in Guided Social Coaching will be asked to provide their availability during interviews. 

What will I gain as a Social Coach?

  • A deeper understanding of the challenges related to social skill deficits
  • Heightened interpersonal sensitivity
  • Helping skills and strategies in giving constructive feedback
  • Leadership skills

A group session of Guided Social Coaching: 
A group session of guided social coaching

Guided Social Coaching