Peer Impact Network (PIN)

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Special Educational Needs (SEN) Peer Impact Network (PIN) 2023-24

Small Act   BIG IMPACT

Barriers are often created unintentionally. This may have a greater impact for people with disability, as they encounter more barriers in daily life.

Social Barrier is one type of barriers that is invisible and hard to overcome. They result from a lack of understanding that leads us to ignore, judge, assume, and even draw people with disabilities farther away from us. Examples of social barriers include assume people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are less capable and see yourself superior to people with SEN when you offer them support.

SEN PIN is a vibrant student network that offers a range of service opportunities for students to work with people with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN), creating an impact that extends beyond the campus.

SEN PIN members provide interesting, trend-setting, and down-to-earth services that address issues of social inclusion, diversity, and SEN.  Their service experiences have touched the hearts of not only the recipients but also the members themselves.

Upon joining this meaningful Network, you can choose different service programmes according to your interests and availability. You will work with other students who share a similar vision to serve and learn.  Our professional staff will offer briefing and training sessions to equip you for the services.


  • To promote positive attitudes towards diversity and social inclusion
  • To encourage active engagement with people with disabilities or SEN
  • To gain new perspectives and values on human potentials

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Peer Impact Network (PIN)