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Lee Shau Kee Hall

Lee Shau Kee Hall

Lee Shau Kee Hall (LSKH) focus on embracing the diversity and create a culturally diversified living environment fostering interactions among students with different views and diverse backgrounds.

Similar to the other halls, one third of LSKH residents are non-locals, who are coming from different countries. To allow our local hallmates to mix well with non-local hallmates, we would assign non-local roommate to the local freshmen having and organizing activities such as International Night to enhance communication between local and non-local hallmates. We respect and accept others opinions, interests and culture.

Additionally, we welcome students from different academic disciplines, which would make our hall becoming one of the most diverse one at the University. This mixture of nationalities and areas of study provides our Hall Residents with a rich canvas of experiences from which to learn.

In Lee Shau Kee Hall, we focus on personal development through hall education by offering various opportunities for students varying from cultural teams, sports teams and organizing committees of hall activities. Hallmates can base on their interest and schedule to join any hall activities and it is not compulsory. The freedom of choice and the diversity of culture are our core values.

Differences in strengths, ideas, knowledge and experiences not only can establish mutual learning, but also unchain our creativity. Therefore, intellectual experience exchange can be developed in our hall.

We offer a friendly and home like environment to our hallmates. The relationship between each hallmates is more than just living together, instead we treat each other as close friends and family. We even extend our friendship beyond hall. We always welcome our alumni contribute to hall as a mentor after they graduate.

As the University is approaching internationalisation, there will be increasing numbers of students coming from different nationalities and multi-cultural backgrounds. Most of the students, both local and non-local students, are resided in halls or colleges at the University. Halls of residence form part of the proud tradition of the University. Over the years, hall education has played an important role of whole-person education that the University pursues. Like other halls/colleges at the University, Lee Shau Kee Hall is much more than a place for living, which is also a place where you can learn and grow. We believe that each hall has their own characteristics and Lee Shau Kee Hall offers an unique experience to our hallmates.

Website: www.lskhall.hku.hk/

Lee Shau Kee Hall