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Morrison Hall

Morrison Hall


To create a favorable environment for Morrisonians to grow and thrive


To allow Morrisonians with different backgrounds to learn to live together, interact, understand and respect each other

To foster Morrisonians’ intellectual and personal development within a stimulating and multidisciplinary hall community

To promote the spirit of serving the society

To cultivate a sense of belonging to Morrison Hall, The University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong 


Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit

(God helps those who work together to progress)


Morrison Hall provides 300 hall places, with half all-male undergraduates and half mixed-gender postgraduates. It cultivates an international environment for hallmates with different backgrounds to interact with each other and broaden their horizons.

Morrison Hall comprises 14 floors for students, which are divided by their academic degree and gender, 7 floors for male undergraduates, 3 floors for male postgraduates and 4 floors for female postgraduates.

Throughout the year, there are various hall activities, including Cultural Night, Hall Festival, Mentorship & Brotherhood Program, Inter-floor Competitions and High Table Dinner.

Morrison Hall also organizes an academic exchange symposium to provide a platform for hallmates to share their research and studies.

Website: www.morrison.hku.hk

Morrison Hall