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Suen Chi Sun Hall

Suen Chi Sun Hall

‘We care, we share’

Hall Name

Suen Chi Sun Hall (also known as SCSH)


109 Pokfulam Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Founding Year


Number of Places

292 (co-ed UG hall)


Professor David Bishop
Associate Professor of Teaching
Faculty of Business and Economics (Accounting and Law)

Unique Characteristics 

Caring, Sharing - We treat every Sunnians as our dearest family member!

Creative - New initiatives are highly encouraged to reflect our rich diversity.

Energetic - Sunnians have always been actively and freely developing themselves.



Suen Chi Sun Hall is a place giving students to freely developing themselves within a family environment. With the whole-person-development goal in mind, it emphasizes caring and sharing with each other and society along the journey of pursuing academic excellence for every student member in their university experiences. Through the rich interactions among members on floors, teams, groups, and the hall management team, we learn from each other and grow together with hallmates from all over the world. Once you walk into the lobby of Suen Chi Sun Hall, you will see the Hall Motto, 'We care, we share', and we treasure this spirit starting from the very beginning of the hall history. There are a wide variety of hall functions and activities for members to freely participate in or just go give a try. They range from cultural, sports, arts, hobbies, services, and all kinds of current affairs for members to learn from a very relaxing hall education environment. The hall management team also strongly encourages students to develop new initiatives and highly recognizes the contribution of bringing in new learning elements to increase activity diversity. Our ultimate goal is to build Suen Chi Sun Hall a platform to serve all members by igniting their passion and exploring their talents under an energetic and friendly atmosphere. At the end of every day, no matter whether you just had an incredibly eventful day or simply enjoyed the serenity in the room to recharge your energy, we hope Suen Chi Sun Hall will be a lovely home to smooth out the rest of the day for you!

Suen Chi Sun Hall