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Lee Hysan Hall

Lee Hysan Hall

Hall Name

Lee Hysan Hall (also known as Hysan)


6B Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Founding Year


Number of Places

378 (Co-ed, mixed-gender floors)


Dr. EMERY Clifton, Associate Professor, Social Work and Social Administration

Unique Characteristics

Unity & Harmony

Choice & Responsibility


IG: Lee Hysan Hall

Website: www.leehysan.hku.hk



To complement the education of the University in achieving whole-person development.


To cultivate the quality of initiative among Hysanians. 

To provide a platform for the development of moral, intellectual, communal and spiritual education. 

To provide an opportunity for Hysanians to become a socially conscious & committed individual in the society.




Choice & Responsibility



Our hall is a community that provides opportunities to our hallmates, fostering achievement of the ultimate goal – whole person development.

In our hall, there is no such thing as a fixed number of team requirements for hallmates. Hallmates can join different teams as they like, and they can decide how many teams to join. We believe diversity among different types of hallmates contributes to different aspects of our hall community. We hope that hallmates' personal, social, and intellectual lives are deepened by providing such freedom and opportunity to them.

We are not looking for a star with some specific skills or talent to help us gain a reputation. Rather, more importantly, we are looking for hallmates who are willing to try different things in our hall to gain as much as they can from Lee Hysan life. Eventually, this will have a two-way effect. For the hall, it will help maintain stable growth and development; more vitally, hallmates will reap life-lasting experiences, growth, and benefits for themselves through joining the Lee Hysan Hall community.

Lee Hysan Hall