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Lee Hysan Hall

Lee Hysan Hall


To complement the education of the University in achieving whole-person development.


To cultivate initiative quality among Hysanians. 

To provide a platform for the development to moral, intellectual, communal and spiritual education. 

To provide an opportunity for Hysanians to become a socially conscious & committed individual in the society.




Choice & Responsibility



Our hall emphasizes a platform providing opportunity to our hallmates, in order to let them achieve the ultimate goal – whole person development.

In our hall, there is no such a fixed number of team requirement for hallmates. Hallmate can join different teams as they like, and they can decide to join how many teams. As we believe there are different type of hallmates to fix different aspect in our hall. We hope that they can gain more by providing such a freedom and opportunity to them.

We are not finding a star with some specific skill to help us gain reputation but more importantly, finding a hallmate who is willing to try different things in our hall to gain as much as he/ she can. Eventually, it will be a double-sided effect. For the hall, it can maintain a stable development; and for the hallmates, which is more vital, they can gain more benefits for himself/ herself from our hall.

Website: www.leehysan.hku.hk

Lee Hysan Hall