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R.C. Lee Hall

R.C Lee Hall

The positioning of RC is always just like our hall motto, ‘Liberty with Responsibility, Unity in Diversity’. We believe that our hallmates is able to think what his/her position between liberty and responsibility is and make their own choices. The intellectual process is important for a university student. Also, being a hallmate, you can earn a lot from the tight community in hall by communication, fighting for same goals or intellectual exchange. Hall Life is only a process of give and take. The responsibility of giving is depending on how much you take.

Moreover, we uphold the diversity that we don’t limit the ways to give. We hope that the diversity can encourage hallmates to explore new things and give them liberty to choose their own way to give. Despite of diversity, we are united to be RC guys to be part of the community in RC.

Website: www.rclhall.hku.hk

R.C. Lee Hall