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R.C. Lee Hall

R.C Lee Hall

Hall Name

Richard Charles Lee Hall (more generally known as RC Lee Hall)


6A Sassoon Road, Pokufulam, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Founding Year


Number of Places

374 (Co-ed hall with both UG and PG)


Professor Esther Chan Wai Yin
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.

Unique Characteristics

Students’ Associations – There are three students’ associations, Executive Committee, RCTV and Editorial Board. Plenty of opportunities to get first-hand experience of leadership.

Floor Bonding – A strong bonding can be found among each floor; students can meet people from diverse backgrounds and various walks of life.

Various Teams – RC Lee Hall is home to many different cultural and sports teams, providing a fruitful life for hallmates outside of classes.


IG: @rcleehall

FB: 香港大學利銘澤堂 RC Lee Hall

Website: www.rclhall.hku.hk

The positioning of RC is as our hall motto states, ‘Liberty with Responsibility, Unity in Diversity’. We believe that our hallmates decide for themselves what their position between liberty and responsibility is and choose their own paths. The intellectual process of learning is important for the growth of a university student. As an active hallmate, you learn a lot from the close-knitted community in our hall through communicating with different people while thriving for the same goals. Hall life is fundamentally a process of give and take. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose where you stand.

Moreover, we believe that diversity doesn’t limit our ability to give. We hope that the diversity can encourage hallmates to explore new things and give them liberty to choose their own path to give. Regardless of our backgrounds, we are united to be ‘RC guys’ and give back to the community at RC Lee Hall and the greater community.

R.C. Lee Hall