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Wei Lun Hall

Wei Lun Hall

Hall Name

Wei Lun Hall


6D Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Founding Year


Number of Places

381 (Co-ed, both UG and PG)


Dr Chao Quan, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, LKS Faculty of Medicine & Faculty of Business and Economics

Unique Characteristics 

Academic excellence – academic achievement in a kind and supportive environment is top priority.

Cosmopolitan community – thrive by honouring differences and working together for common and individual betterment.

Intellectual diversity – intellectual breadth is valued, disagreement expected, and constructive dialogue encouraged.

Empathy and respect – treat others and oneself with dignity and care, our motto is “We begin with people”.



Opened in August 1994, Wei Lun Hall provides accommodation for 381 male and female students. Its facilities (e.g. recreation room, study room and fitness room) are matched by a new mind-set which emphasizes civility, rationality and maturity - qualities rightly associated with university education.

Wei Lun Hall