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Temporary housing inside campus

A.  Temporary housing inside campus

a) Hall Guest rooms

Some guest rooms are available at our halls for students to stay temporarily. For those who need temporary accommodation, they could contact the following hall offices directly for reservation and other arrangments:


Email Address

Telephone No.

Lee Hysan Hall


(852) 2986 5109

R. C. Lee Hall


(852) 2986 5202

Simon K.Y. Lee Hall


(852) 3917 0300

St. John's College


(852) 2817 7102

Starr Hall


(852) 3910 2127

Swire Hall


(852) 3917 0320

Wei Lun Hall


(852) 2986 5889

b) Robert Black College

Robert Black College provides accommodation in a cordial academic environment for scholars and other visitors who are engaged in activities at The University of Hong Kong. For enquiries, please contact the College Office at:

Tel.: (852) 3910 2700
E-mail: rblack@hku.hk
Website: https://rblack.hku.hk

B.  Off campus housing

Hotels and Hostels nearby the University of Hong Kong

There are a number of hotels and hostels neary HKU in which students can stay either short-term or long-term.  Please read “List of Hostels and Hotels Nearby HKU” for information and reservation.

Temporary housing inside campus