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Becareful when dealing with "landlords", "homeowners" and/or "hostel administrator"

CEDARS has recently be alerted about a renting scam going on in one of the local hostel providers. Please be alert and careful when dealing with persons who claim to be landlords / homeowners / hostel administrator, and offer you a vacancy and ask money as deposit to be sent immediately.

The Estates Agents Authority has published a booklet “Tenancy Guide for Non-local Students in Hong Kong” about renting a residential place. Hard copy is available at CEDARS (3/F MWC).

If you are unsure about the terms and conditions of the offer received from any local providers, please write to CEDARS (cedars.housing@hku.hk). We will try our best to help verifying the legitimacy of any transaction or party.

2 November 2017

News & Updates