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FlatSnatch (Kwan Yick Building)

Flat Snatch Logo
Flat Snatch Management Company Limited
Unit 22, 1/F, Phase I, Kwan Yick Building, 432 Queen’s Road West)

Brief Introduction We understand accommodation hunting can be tiresome. Flat Snatch provides quality and affordable co-living off campus accommodations for university students in Hong Kong. Our properties are perfectly located near universities, MTR and public transports, and come completely furnished and equipped with everything you need. With a weight off your shoulders, you can fully engage and enjoy your university experience.
Dorm Type 160 sq.ft. – Bunker Bed and Desk  160 sq.ft. – Private Bathroom
160 sq. ft. Double Room with Private Bathroom
 100 sq.ft. – Bunker Bed
100 sq. ft. Double Room 

Charges in HK$ (per month)

1-sem* 2-sem* Full Year* 1-sem* 2-sem* Full Year*
N/A N/A $10,000 N/A N/A $8,500
Common Area Shared Kitchen
Shared Bathroom
Shared bathroom
Facilities Wifi is included. Electricity and water to be shared with flatmates; Lease term: 12 months
Special Requirement Mixed Gender
160 sq. ft. room available immediately
100 sq. ft. room available from the end of Aug
Contract Sample Read Contract Sample
Email flatsnatch@gmail.com
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*1st sem refer to the period from late-August to late-December; 2nd sem refer to the period from early January to late-May. Full Year refer to late-August until late-May

FlatSnatch (Kwan Yick Building)