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Swire Hall

Swire Hall

We focus on the “three-line development” of our hallmates, which includes the dimensions of culture, sports and social responsibility. On top of the interest groups, cultural and sports teams which can be commonly found in other residential halls, our unique Social Responsibility Committee strives to promote social awareness among hallmates.

Not very talented in these aspects? Haven’t tried these activities in secondary school before? Feeling scared of not being included because of not being an elite? All of these worries will not happen in our hall.

In light of our focus on the “three-line development” of our hallmates, if you are enthusiastic about joining our hall and exploring your talents, you will be welcomed regardless of whether you are talented or not.

Apart from joining different teams in our hall, there are also ample opportunities for you to learn and grow by taking up various responsibilities in our hall, which include being the floor representatives, sub-committee members, Swire Youth Editorial Board members and Social Responsibility Committee members etc. We believe that if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your hall life, you will be able to explore your own talents and enjoy the benefits from our hall education.

Therefore, if you are passionate and willing to participate in hall life, feel free to join our community and unlock your potentials here.

Website: www.swire.hku.hk

Swire Hall