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Application of Bursary Scheme for Outside Accommodation for Non-local Undergraduate Students

Campus Life Section
30 November, 2018 to 16 February, 2019

As a nonlocal student, a big part of your education is to get a good understanding of the culture and living style of the local community. Do you want to acquire such an understanding? Do you want to get a full range of residential experiences for your education and development during your study at HKU? If yes, CEDARS would like to invite you to join for the "Bursary Scheme for Accommodating Non-local Undergraduate Students" (Bursary Scheme) which is targeted at non-local students.

The Scheme is introduced to enrich nonlocal students' residential experience at HKU. We believe it will serve good educational value for nonlocal students if they live in the community. Students can understand more and be better integrated into the local community. If a few students team up to rent an apartment, they can also learn to take care of and collaborate with one another. Colleagues from CEDARS can assist you in the process such as search for apartment and negotiation with the landlord.

If you join the scheme, you will receive a bursary from the University and you can decide and arrange your own accommodation in Hong Kong. We believe the Bursary Scheme serves good educational value, helps the newly arrived nonlocal students and eases the serious shortage of residential places faced by the University. We therefore sincerely invite you to join.

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Event Detail