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CEDARS’ Commitment to Sustainability and Inclusion

CEDARS’ Commitment to Sustainability and Inclusion

The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) makes continuous and conscious efforts in contributing to the Sustainability Goals and Policy of The University of Hong Kong. Our commitments are reflected in the concrete actions that we practice and the policies we adhere.

At work and official functions, we

1. Consume Responsibly

·         use environmentally responsible paper

·         use scrap paper for drafts and notes

·         recycle paper waste

·         distribute documents in electronic copies as far as possible

·         use recyclable packaging if disposable bottled water is needed

·         encourage the use of socially responsible souvenirs

·         ban shark fins


2. Empower and Promote Inclusion

·         attend to the diverse needs of people with disabilities and of different places of origin, religious and ethnic backgrounds

·         use braille on name cards

·         adhere to web accessibility standards issued by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

·         serve fair trade tea and coffee to our guests

·         provide individuals with equal employment opportunities


We will constantly update the list.

Sept, 2020