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A Glimpse into Lifestyle during COVID-19

A Glimpse into Lifestyle during COVID-19

Wong Wing Lam's Story
Awardee of 24th Recognition Ceremony
Faculty of Arts

Vivian participated in 2020’s Busan Contents Universiade (BCU) “24/7 Online Short Film Contest” and was rewarded with the Excellence Award. Vivian was passionate about participating in the contest and took the initiative to reach out to the host in Korea to better understand this competition. Riding on her interest, she decided to partake in the competition after her storyboard was greatly accepted by the host, filming the documentary that is eventually titled “Routine”.

During the global pandemic, Vivian did not give up on her project despite having faced difficulties, especially due to the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges only motivated her further, urging her to use this as a theme for her creative production. Her short film, “Routine”, portrays the repetitive living routine of the elderly in Hong Kong under the COVID-19 pandemic, featuring an elderly couple living in public housing in Sha Tin. Her work revolves around how they encounter difficulties during this lockdown, especially their struggles in the growing technological world and the unfamiliarity of using electronic devices to connect with their son living in the United States.

“Covid-19 could not stop human relationships.”

Photo of Vivian and her grandparents

“It (their lifestyle) deserves our concern and consideration. For my storyboard, besides raising the spotlight on the elderly, I want to emphasise how COVID-19 could not stop human relationships. Even if we live in a virtual experience, and even if the elderly cannot access certain types of virtual experience, human relationships are the most precious in our daily lives. For this reason, I want to record the value with my camera and tell it through my film language.” 

Vivian believes that this global message will be understood and widely accepted by Koreans and internationally. The positive feedback Vivian received made her more confident in the process of creation and filming, reiterating her enthusiasm for the creative industry. She firmly believes that creativity is something every student should own.

“Because we are all young, I believe we have a lot to express to the world. Our perspectives are different from adults or matured and experienced filmmakers/ storytellers, and I do not think immature filmmaking is something we should abandon at all. While we still have a lot to learn, in a way, our ideas could be more innovative and trendy, and this could help us express creativity in a new way.”

Photo of Vivian

Through the completion of this project, Vivian demonstrated creativity and resilience especially in the toughest times. She surprised herself with the final project that managed to illustrate a global experience whilst advocating for empathy and raising concern for the virtual experience minority. Vivian aims to continue presenting difficulties in people’s ordinary lives, as well as warmth and love between human interactions with her creative productions.

Written by:
Samantha Ho
Year 4, Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School)
March 2021

A Glimpse into Lifestyle during COVID-19