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Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community

Seyed Ismail Nafeesa ’s Story
Faculty of Sciences

Like many other youngsters in the city, getting accepted into the University of Hong Kong was a dream come true for Seyed Ismail Nafeesa. However, entering into the university gates only marks the beginning of her story. As a bright, warm-hearted young woman, Nafeesa is determined to spend her college years serving the community.

“HKU has always been my dream school!” Nafeesa confessed with a laugh. “I never considered myself lucky till the moment I found out I was accepted.” HKU attracted Nafeesa not only because of its academic excellence, but also due to the ample volunteering opportunities it offers. “My family taught me to help those in need,” Nafeesa said. “That’s why I’m most excited about doing community work with HKU.”

Last year, Nafeesa joined a service programme organised by the University YMCA (HKU) called “Fun Day with Ethnic Minority Children”. Along with her peers, Nafeesa participated in fun activities, such as making minibus sign-themed keychains, with ethnic minority children. More importantly, participants could open up their hearts. “As an ethnic minority student myself, I wanted to tell the kids my experience and boost their confidence,” Nafeesa explained. “When I looked back on my school days, I also realised how lucky I’ve been to have received so much support from my friends and teachers.” 

Nafeesa’s caring nature shone as she recalled how she tweaked her approach towards different children. “One younger kid was super quiet,” Nafeesa recounted thoughtfully. “So I chatted with him as often as I could, and used his mother tongue to make him feel better. On the other hand, there was an older tween who felt out of place. I spoke to him the way I speak with my friends instead!”

Photo of Nafeesa with teammate and children
“Remember not to lose hope when things don’t go as expected. Instead, keep being passionate.”

Though her uni-life has just begun, Nafeesa has already planned for her coming years to be filled with meaningful humanitarian experiences. “It’s a big dream for me to join UNICEF as a global ambassador,” Nafeesa said earnestly. “I particularly want to advocate for children. They vibrate with so much positivity!” A ray of sunshine herself, Nafeesa offered the following advice to younger students: “Remember not to lose hope when things don’t go as expected. Instead, keep being passionate.”

Written by:
Gabrielle Tse
Year 4, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Law
March 2021

Giving Back to the Community