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Event Mangaging at the General Education Team

Event Mangaging at the General Education Team

Lo Wai’s Story
Faculty of Social Sciences

Vikkie is a recent Social Sciences graduate and a long-serving Event Assistant at the General Education Team (GE) of CEDARS. Throughout her four years at the University, Vikkie has helped organize more than twenty different events and activities.

Back in the start of her freshman year Vikkie learnt about the GE Student Team through a promotional email, and decided to take a leap of faith and apply. As she attended the recruitment tea gathering, Vikkie met a lot of interesting people and decided to stay. Since then, Vikkie has taken on many different roles from pasting posters to ushering at events.

One of the most memorable chapters for Vikkie was serving as an emcee at events. Emceeing is a big challenge, but with the guidance and encouragement of the staff Vikkie picked up these skills quickly. At the recruitment briefing for new GE Student Team members in the following year, Vikkie hosted the event and drafted the entire script all on her own.

Photo of Vikkie at GE office with friends
“GE is a big family with lots of love.”

“GE is a big family with lots of love,” says Vikkie, “Even on the days when I had no duties at all, I would stop by the office to chat with staff members there and grab lunch together with my peers.” Every year, GE brings in renowned guest speakers such as Hong Kong singer Eason Chan and Taiwanese writer Lung Ying-tai - Vikkie reflected it was an eye-opening experience to learn from them in-person.

Vikkie’s time with GE has trained her to be a detail-oriented person and sparked her interest in event management. She finds managing events very challenging and fun at the same time, and Vikkie looks forward to a career surrounding event management - no matter what kind of events.

Interested in event management and programme coordination like Vikkie? Visit GEST Recruitment and CEDARS Student Host Programme to become a GEST member and a Student Host!

Written by:
Truston Yu
Year 5, Faculty of Social Science
November 2021

Event Mangaging at the General Education Team