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Discover the Undiscovered Career Path

Discover the Undiscovered Career Path

Zhang Qijie’s Story
Faculty of Social Sciences

Many students may be perplexed about their future career plans. Zhang Qijie, a first year student, was also one of them. Therefore, she joined the Coachiever programme organised by CEDARS. 

The career coaching programme aims to enhance students’ self-awareness and to prepare for their future career through workshops and personalised coaching sessions. “At first, I wasn’t sure about my aspiration and my career goal,” she recalled. “I wanted to know more about ways to identify a suitable career choice. Hence, I applied to join the Coachiever programme.” 
Photo of Zhang Qijie
“Be proactive and seek useful advice from professional coaches!”

Zhang enjoyed the programme. She thought it was inspirational and beneficial to her career preparation. She identified her career choice by applying the VIPA tactic, which stands for values, interests, personality and aptitude. “The programme opened a gateway for me to reevaluate myself!” she expressed. “After having different training workshops and coaching sessions, I discovered that I am passionate about banking industry and I received a lot of useful advice from my coach. I could develop my career plan and know more about the industry.”

Being asked whether she would recommend this programme to other students, she immediately nodded. “Not only does this programme enhance self-exploration, but it also improves my communication skills,” she said. She thought students should seize this exhilarating opportunity and gain more insights. “Be proactive and seek useful advice from professional coaches!”

Written by:
Ivan Cheung 
Year 2, Faculty of Arts
January 2022

Discover the Undiscovered Career Path