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Experiencing an Inter-cultural Journey

Experiencing an Inter-cultural Journey

Cheung Ho Yin’s Story
Faculty of Arts

Ivan participated in the 5-day HKU Virtual Intercultural Leadership Programme organised by CEDARS – Career and Placement Section in March 2011. Apart from students from HKU, participants also included students from Rikkyo University, Seijo University and Meiji Gakuin University in Japan.

Wanting to sharpen his interpersonal, communication and leadership skills, as well as to meet more new friends, Ivan decided to join this programme. However, there were certain difficulties that Ivan had encountered, for example, the language barrier among Hong Kong students and Japanese students.

photo of the presentation

“Although we could speak English, sometimes it was difficult to explain complicated ideas and concepts by using English,” Ivan admitted.   Therefore, very often, they had to make use of their body languages and facial expression, which played an important role in their communication process. Luckily enough, there was a Japanese who was able to speak Chinese in his group, so they could share difficult concepts in Chinese under the translation of that student.

Even though it might not be smooth for them to exchange their ideas, it was surprised that Ivan’s team won the “Best Team Presentation Award”!  Not only did they storm through the tight schedule and approached the assigned topic methodically, but they also proved that language and cultural differences were not hindrance for them. “We were so grateful for winning the award and we were joyful that our efforts paid off!” Ivan recalled.

Photo of Ivan and his groupmate.
“We were so grateful for winning the award and we were joyful that our efforts paid off!”

When asking about what made their presentation stand out, the judge explained that it was because they had included concrete examples to elaborate their business ideas and plan. “I would like to thank my groupmates for their hard work and their support”.

Having fun in the programme, Ivan was able to know more about different cultures and broaden his cross-cultural experiences, for which Ivan said it was definitely an eye-opening experience for him. If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to join such programmes, you will surely gain inter-cultural experience like Ivan as well!

Written by:
Leung Lok Yan
Year 2, Faculty of Arts
September 2021

Experiencing an Inter-cultural Journey