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Life is Like a Farm, and I’m Watering it with Fun Hobbies

Life is Like a Farm, and I’m Watering it with Fun Hobbies

Vo Khanh Huyen’s Story
HKU Business School
BBA(Wealth Management)

Vo Khanh Huyen, a final year BBA student who is double minoring in economics and accounting, recalled one of her most fruitful out-of-campus activities working as an ambassador for the HKU Edible Spaces. 

In brief, partaking in HKU Edible Spaces, Jo’s primary duties entailed holding workshops for different target audiences who were introduced to sustainability concepts and encouraged to practise gardening at home. However, before leading the workshops, Jo first underwent four weeks of training in which she mastered the skills of leading a large group of students as well as holding  interesting tours. 

During her course as an ambassador, she definitely had to get her creative juices flowing in order to develop innovative and entertaining workshop ideas. This was especially pivotal when the workshops targeted young primary school kids. She explained that a lot of brainstorming was required to develop game ideas that would engage the kids throughout the workshop while teaching them gardening and planting techniques. She has held three and four workshops for undergraduate students and primary kids respectively. She also had to familiarise herself with some theoretical terms before each workshop, especially when the participants were undergraduates or adults. 

Photo of Vo and students
“It’s like a hobby farm, and I’m watering my life.”

Each workshop often lasted for 20 minutes, and Jo would cooperate with her fellow ambassadors in executing her workshop ideas. After training, Jo had to present her workshop ideas to related CEDARS mentors for approval. Once her ideas got a heads-up, Jo would work closely with the ambassadors in assembling the workshops, which would be carried out at different sites, such as the farm which is located outside the HKU library. 

As a final-year BBA student, one would expect that Jo would devote most of her time doing something within the business field. However, for Jo, she embarked on this meaningful venture because “it allowed me to get a break from studies, and gave me something fun and relaxing to do.”

When asked to summarise her experience, Jo said, “it’s like a hobby farm, and I’m watering my life.” She highly recommends her fellow schoolmates to try engaging in something out of their academic field and diversify their hobbies and interests. 

Written by:
Bibi Alysha
Year 2, Faculty of Social Sciences
April 2022

Life is Like a Farm, and I’m Watering it with Fun Hobbies