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Step up STEM Education

Step up STEM Education

Choi Sin Sum, Chan Iat Cheong, and Cheung So Yee’s Story
Faculty of Education / Faculty of Science
BEd&BSc, BSc

Nowadays, STEM education is becoming more prevalent around the world. Three Science students, Sinsum, Davis and Jasmine applied the knowledge they had acquired to devise a new STEM education product called “Imagine:bit”.

Photo of Imagine:bit             
The side view of Imagine:bit

 “Imagine:bit”  is a DIY micro:bit remote-controlled dragon racer. Students assemble the vehicle by themselves and play the product both physically and virtually. After importing the program into the micro:bit of the car, students can control forward and backward movements of the wheels and steer the vehicle. Moreover, students are also able to use programming language and create their own games. “Our STEM education kit can equip students with STEM knowledge. Comparing with other education kits, Imagine:bit allows users to explore different programming languages,” Davis explained. “Students may have perception that programming is difficult. But our product helps students acquire coding without dealing with complex programming languages.” They believed that after using the product, students would have euphoric hands-on experiences in programming while their creativity and design thinking skills could be fostered.
Photo of Davis  
Davis demonstrated how he moved the vehicle.

When asked about the difficulties they have encountered, Jasmine recalled that the team had undergone repeated trials and errors. “We tried numerous times to work out the coordination of acrylic boards and electronics. We also found out the best driver boards that could be used to issue commands.” Fortunately, under their perseverance and hard work, they have finally solved all the problems and have successfully launched the product. “Failure is the best way to learn,” Sinsum said. “Never be afraid of failure. Keep trying and keep improving!”

Written by:
Ivan Cheung Ho Yin
Year 2, Faculty of Arts
March 2022

Step up STEM Education