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Healing through Making Handicrafts

Healing through Making Handicrafts

Mental health of students has gained increasing attention of the public in recent years due to a series of student suicides.  Despite the gloomy atmosphere that has haunted students, every cloud has a silver lining.  Daniel Yu, a Social Work master’s degree student at HKU, might have just offered a suggestion.

Started off as a handicraft enthusiast at a young age, Daniel has always been actively engaged in organizing handicraft workshops to interested members of the public.  Earlier this year, with the support of HKU 81 Inclusion Fund, Daniel and his friends took a step further by joining the Chillax · Sunset Handicraft Market organized by CEDARS’s Counselling and Person Enrichment Section as market artists.

Held at a time when the gentle light of the setting sun was streaming through the campus, the market offered students a relaxing occasion to make handicrafts and be relieved from study stress.  Contributed by a group of handicraft enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, handicrafts ranging from hanging ornaments to woodwork were available in the market.  With rich experience in making handicrafts, Daniel taught students to make UV resins with dried flowers and leaves.

A point worth noting is that Daniel and his team adheres to the principle of caring for the environment.  In spite of not being a particularly vehement environmentalist, Daniel realized that even a streak of mother nature can offer a sense of peacefulness to people who are bogged down by the hectic pace of city life.  Therefore, Daniel and his team have decided to use as much natural materials as possible, such as leaf and shells, to make handicrafts.

The Chillax · Sunset Handicraft Market, in a sense, offers students a temporary escape from busy university life. 

Written by:
Harold Cheung
Year 2, Faculty of Arts
July 2018

Healing through Making Handicrafts