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Applying Design Knowledge in Real-life Situations

Applying Design Knowledge in Real-life Situations

Chau Ngai Tung, Bobo’s Story
Faculty of Architecture

Starting from last summer, Bobo has been a regular Student Graphic Designer at CEDARS. Surely, we must have seen a lot of her “masterpieces” on CEDARS’ Instagram posts, such as the “Superpass” and festival celebrations.

“During the summer of 2021, I still couldn’t find any internships. By coincidence, an email notification by CEDARS popped up on my phone – they were recruiting Student Graphic Designers for the ENGLISH-TO-GO Language Enrichment Camp for Children,” she recalled. As it was a meaningful event to serve underprivileged children, she resolutely applied for the position, embarking on her journey as a Student Graphic Designer at CEDARS.

Photo of Bobo's artwork
Bobo's artwork for ENGLISH-TO-GO Language Enrichment Camp for Children

This year, Bobo was responsible for the design of the “CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table” Induction Programme. Since it is also the 111th anniversary of HKU, the characters and scenes were colourfully and vividly illustrated in the publicity materials. Asking about her inspiration for adopting the graphic design, she chuckled, “As a video game fanatic, I find the pixel animation and visual effects absolutely enthralling. When freshmen first enter the university, they are exhilarated by the vibe. This is somehow analogous to a newbie who is looking forward to unlocking all the achievements in online gaming.”

Meanwhile, Bobo admitted that it was not easy to accomplish the task. “Unlike my previous works which were one-off designs, I had to modify everything back and forth after receiving feedback to ensure the best quality of the work while I was having a busy summer. So it was really testing my time-management skills and my ability to multitask,” she recalled. 

Photo of Bobo's artworkPhoto of Bobo's artwork
Bobo's artwork for "CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table" Induction Programme

Although challenges might arise during the process, Bobo relished being a Student Graphic Designer. “It’s really a valuable experience for me to apply my software knowledge and skills acquired from my studies to the position. It provides me the opportunity to explore and gain exposure to areas of design that are unfamiliar to me as well,” she noted.

Counting down the days of her university life, Bobo expressed her wish for her design journey with CEDARS, “Hope that I can involve in the graphic design for alumni events before my graduation.” 

Written by:
Justin Lam
Year 3, Faculty of Arts
September 2022

Applying Design Knowledge in Real-life Situations